Touched By Love

~ The Kiss From A Rose ~
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If I was to walk through the beautiful gardens
Looking for the perfect rose
That my heart desires to bring home with me
I would see all the different colors and shapes
Some are in bloom, or just starting to bud
Others are just covered with thorns

As I walk further along,
I am drawn to a single brilliant crimson red rose
It's shadow dancing about in the bright sunlight
I breathe in its sweet fragrance...
It's so alluring, it captivates me
Different than all the others
Its branches are tall and sturdy
Strong roots are embedded in enriched soil
Uniquely there are no thorns
Tenderly my fingertips touch it...
Feeling its charm enchanting me
I find myself falling in love with its natural beauty
There is no denying it, this is the rose I would choose

Magically the crimson rose moves closer to me
Beckoning me with its soft whispers in the gentle wind
Spellbound I reach for it, embracing it next to my heart
I carry it home, smiling all the way
I place my beautiful rose on my ornate pedestal
By the opened window with views
Of the magnificent old oak tree
Allowing the fresh air and sunlight to surround it
It is my job, my duty, to protect and love
And nourish my beautiful rose
Everyday so it can flourish and grow...

~ Always remember there is no greater beauty in life
than a rose in bloom, except the love you give,
and the love you receive from one another ~

~ Misty ~

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