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 Natural Products and Information

Organic Food for Healthy Living
Certified Bio-Dynamic Organic Food is Best

Royal Jelly, Honey, and Bee Pollen
Organic Herbs & Blends for Cooking
Living and Raw Food Recipes
The Benefits of Fruit
All Vegetarian Recipes
International Vegetarian Soup Recipes

*Organic Consumer Alert*
Excellent Informative Healing Web Site

Ayurveda a Natural Healthy Way of Living

Maharishi Ayurvedic Information and Products
Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedic Herbs & Products
Ayurvedic Crystal Healing 

Mother Nature's Natural Healing

Magical Mother's Herbal Remedies
Natural Enzymes for Digestion
Holistic Herbal Remedies
Herbal Uses and Description
Nature's Antibiotic-Grapefruit Seed Extract
Benefits of Neem Oil
Take Care of your Teeth
Heal with Nature
Secrets Of Natural Health
*Description of Healing Therapies

 My  Personal Web Sites 

 Smoke-Free Web Site
 Healing Journey Web Site

Beautiful Hudson Valley - New York

Local Organic & Natural Places
The Linden Tree
Whole Food-Whole Health

My Poetry

Tender - buzz
 Touched by Love - Kiss from a Rose
Whispering Willows - America

Mystical Art & Poetry by Devine

The Dream Spinner
 Taunting Dreams

  Natural Essence for the Body, Mind & Soul

Healing and Energy
Gemstone & Crystal Information
Crystal in the Home
Introduction to Crystals & Gems
Crystalmoon's Original Designs
Healing with Crystals
Crystal Questionnaire
 Crystals with Special Properties
Crystal Vibrations
Crystal Radiance 
Crystals, Gems & Metals
Crystals and their Meanings
Cleaning and Charging Crystals
Making Gem Elixirs
Crystals not suited for Elixirs
The Natural Path
Free Chakra Lesson
Coast Herbal Website

Pamper Your Body Naturally

Natural Body Powders
Handcrafted Herbal Soaps
 Colloidal Silver Soap, Shampoo's & Wool too!

Make Your Own Health & Beauty Products

Order Essential Oils (no chemicals used)
Bach Flower Essence Descriptions
Descriptions of Essential Oils
More... Essential Oil Descriptions
Using Essential Oils
Remedies Using Essential Oils
Lots Of Homemade Beauty Recipes
Beauty and Cleaning Recipes
 Soap & Body Lotion Recipes
 Skin Care Recipes
Homemade Flaxseed Hair Gel
Hair Care Recipes
Healthy Recipes

Healthy Clean Clutter Free Homes

"AspenClean" All Natural Cleaning Products

Natural Choice's Cleaning products
Non Toxic Cleaning & Holistic Health Tips

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Amaryllis Flower Photographed by French

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