Let Me Comfort You

Liberty Cries

Standing beneath the sunshine, on a crystal clear blue morning.

Watching o'er her city as she has done all her life.

Breathing in the crisp air, September brought no warning.

Watching as an unexpected storm would change her life.

That was the day she witnessed, the fires in the sky,

watched her children perish, before her unbelieving eyes.

That was the day her heart broke, and in her aged eyes.

that was the day we all watched, the day that Liberty cried.

She watched on as the men in blue, the firemen, and rescue crews,

Worked bravely midst the chaos, to save so many lives.

And she shared with them the mortal wounds,

Of their brothers trapped within the tomb.

As the towers crumbled back to earth,

And dust turned day to night.

That was the day her heart broke,

And in her aged eyes.

That was the day we all watched,

the day that Liberty cried.

Scott M. Davis

~ The Weeping Willow Tree~

Come sit beneath the whispering willow trees
Unleash to me your worries and concerns
I am beckoning you to come to me.
My long flowing shimmering branches...
gently swaying in the breeze.

I am whispering your name.

I will protect you from the hot stinging rays of the sun
and the heavy burdens of your heart.

A bed of soft green moss is planted to cushion you
as you sit under my  long willowly branches.
 Let your worries soar up unto my loving branches for I have many...

I was planted by God you see...I am here for you.
 Let your fears go...... I will ease them
Let your worries go...I will free them
    Let your pain go........I will comfort you
    Let your tears go..I will absorb them
As I wrap my branches around all your troubles...
You start to feel lighter.

You are at peace...God is surrounding you with his love
I am protecting you...it is time for you to go now.
Be brave and strong!
With the love of God in your heart.

My branches are so heavy now...as you walk away
Into the kind warmth of the bright shining sunlight
You feel so much better now...Gods love is all around you
As you walk further away,
You suddenly hear the sounds of heavy falling raindrops
 You quickly turn around to see your very own Weeping Willow Tree
 I have done my job for now...

 But if you need to walk once again along the willow trees...
 I will know this and you will find me,
As I am whispering your name...


Dedicated to the Memory
Of those who lost their lives
and to their family & friends

Sept.11, 2001

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Keep us safe
And out of harms way.
United are we..
Against our adversaries.

On this September Day
We mourn the tragic loss..
Of our fellow Americans.

Give us strength and resolve,
That we may win...
The War against Terrorism.

~ Amen ~

Written by Misty

Poems written by Misty & Scott